[Framework-Team] Re: Kicking off Plone 4: Release Manager candidate

Hanno Schlichting hannosch at hannosch.eu
Tue Oct 28 10:19:28 UTC 2008


Alexander Limi wrote:
> Hanno Schlichting has said that he'd like to be the release manager for
> Plone 4, and I'd like to formally propose him as a candidate for this
> role.

Over the last couple of months, I have been considering to step up for
the release manager job and have gotten positive feedback from various
community members to the idea.

I have not made this public for a long time, as I wanted to get an
understanding about out shared community vision for what Plone 4 should
actually be, before stepping up as a manager for it.

Culminating in the conference I think I have gotten an understanding of
what direction the community wants to go into and I can identify myself
with that direction. I'll try to summarize some broad ideas about this
direction and the general roadmap for Plone 4 from my point of view soon.

> Martin Aspeli has indicated that he'd like to help Hanno in a 
> "developer communication" role, so Hanno can focus on his job of the
> release manager, and Martin will help communicate what's going on to
> our core developers and add-on product developers.

I asked Martin to help in the communication effort, as I know my German
communication-style can easily be misunderstood by some people, who
don't know me in person ;) Giving Martin an official title should make
his role unambigous and let him do, what he is so good at, with an
official blessing :)

> So, if anyone else is interested in being the release manager for Plone
> 4, let us know!

Please do step up, if you want to take on this role. I don't have an
exclusive right of any kind to get the job.

> Also, if the official nomination for the Plone 4 release manager has to
> wait until there is a Framework Team for 4.0, we should:
> a) Start identifying these people ASAP.
> b) Possibly accept Hanno as an interim release manager until the team
> can make an official recommendation based on the available candidates.

As we agreed in Washington to give the framework team the role of
finding and suggesting the release manager to the foundation board, we
cannot make a final decision about it, as long as we don't have a new team.

I'd be happy to serve as an interim manager and renew my application to
the new framework team once it is in place.


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