[Framework-Team] Re: PLIP 244: Portlet management improvements

Jon Stahl jon at onenw.org
Fri Oct 24 22:03:40 UTC 2008

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> On 17 okt 2008, at 01:29, Jon Stahl wrote:
> > One other thought to contribute to this topic:
> >
> > Right now, the system renders all placeful portlets, then all group
> > portlets, then all type portlets.
> >
> Grouping is bad. Especially if you allow some form or ordering. No
> user wants to be bound by an arbriary technical reason for grouping.
> > If a user wants to have portlets in a "mixed" order, that is pretty
> > much
> > impossible.
> >
> >
> > Perhaps we can add a simple "weight" value to each portlet, then
> > portlets by weight, regardless of whether they are place, group or
> > type
> > portlets?
> >
> > There are some UI considerations, and maybe this is too invasive.
> > we get it a fair amount.
> >
> Weight? Why that? Why not allow them to be mixed as the user wants?
> Why that grouping at all? It's a technical reason not a usability
> reason. Just allow them to be mixed and you are done. I even would
> like to suggest to have the option to mix them on a user bases with
> drag and drop and store the order in cookies or something like that.
> We have that here in our intranet together with collapsible support
> and that works really well. But that's another topic ;-).

I think control of ordering should (mostly) be a site-admin task, except
in the intranet situations you describe where it might be pushed to the
user (along with other portlet control).  Other than that, I think we're
saying the same thing.


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