[Framework-Team] Notes from Framework Team Meeting in DC

Steve McMahon steve at dcn.org
Sun Oct 19 22:20:41 UTC 2008

Here are my notes from the DC Framework Team meeting. Please discuss
anything I've missed, gotten wrong, or stated too absolutely. We'll
eventually codify the consensus version somewhere on Plone.Org.

Thanks, Steve


The Framework Team is the gatekeeper for determining which Plone Improvement
Proposals (PLIPS) are incorporated into particular versions of Plone.

The team recruits release manager candidates and recommends them to the
Plone Foundation Board.

The team makes recommendations to the release manager for which PLIPS should
be incorporated into Plone.

Neither the team nor the release manager set the long-term vision for Plone.
That is done by the Plone Community. The team is reponsible for taking
community opinion and strategic goals into account when considering
improvement proposals. The team has an obligation to account to the
community for its decisions on Plone features.

Framework Team Procedures

Decisions on procedures and structure are to be made by consensus.

The PLIP decision-making process should be transparent to the community.
Recruiting discussions may be private.

The Framework Team is self-perpetuating. It chooses members for itself and
successor teams in consultation with team alumni. Criteria for choice may
include a desire for diverse, in-depth experience, and the ability of
candidates to work well in concert with existing and other proposed members.
The number of members is flexible, and should ideally be odd.

The team is not a formal committee of the Plone Foundation, but is expected
to coordinate with the foundation board as necessary to achieve its mission.

Recommendations to the release manager are made by voting on PLIPs. At least
two team members should review every PLIP in depth. Ideally everyone should
vote on every PLIP.

The team may ask/appoint non-members to assist in secretarial,
organizational and communication roles.

Plone 3 and 4

We anticipate that Plone 3.x will be maintained and improved well into the
development of Plone 4.x, and possibly after its release.

The 3.x framework team will stay largely intact so long as feature
improvements to 3.x are under consideration.

The 3.x team will begin by end of month to recruit for a 4.x team. A call
will be made to the community asking for applications. The 4.x team should
be in place by January 30th, and one of its first acts should be to
recommend a 4.x release manager to the board.

Jon Stahl, Geir Bækholt, Steve McMahon and Matt Bowen have all volunteered
to provide organizational, secretarial and communication assistance for the


Steve McMahon
Reid-McMahon, LLC
steve at reidmcmahon.com
steve at dcn.org
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