[Framework-Team] What is Plone 3.3?

Fabio Rizzo Matos fabiorizzo at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 19:42:33 UTC 2008

> There are books in print (and about to go to print) about Plone 3. There is
> documentation on plone.org that we can't (and shouldn't) "just change".
> People have received training and  spent time learning how to use Plone. If
> the UI changes, they have to be re-trained. "Just moving a link" may not
> seem like much, but I guarantee you that it will cause a lot of pain and
> frustration.


Just this year, my company trained more than 1,000 people to use Plone 3. These
people are representative of more than 40 different companies that are
currently occupying more than 100 different Plone sites.

Proposing that a client pay again to have his or her employees trained anew
would have an extremely negative effect on the Plone image and would make it
seem untrustworthy.

I believe that radical changes, that require the client to invest in new
training, should be reserved for newer large scale versions like Plone 4.0

My 2 cents ;)

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