[Framework-Team] PLIP 238: Disable inline editing by default

Graham Perrin G.J.Perrin at bton.ac.uk
Fri Oct 10 16:34:39 UTC 2008

On 10 Oct 2008, at 04:58, Danny Bloemendaal responded to
Wichert's e-mail proposing <http://plone.org/products/plone/roadmap/ 

>> Proposal
>> ---------
>> Current Plone releases have a simple toggle to enable or disable  
>> inline editing. I propose that we change the default for newly  
>> created sites to disabled.
> My counter proposal is to make it optional and when enable refactor  
> the trigger as described above.

Both good ideas but with a focus on the original proposal, I'm in  
favour of -- to begin with, at least -- a change to the default for  
newly created sites.

There's already a minor issue with Plone documentation <http://dev.plone.org/plone.org/ticket/962 
 > that ought to be addressed before outcomes of the proposal(s) are  

Also, a trivial issue with ZMI behaviour <http://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/8564 
 > affecting managers of sites that were customised by hand before the  
dedicated option first appeared in ZMI.

Minor and trivial, yes, but both highlight the need for
a) consistency. and for
b) documentation to keep pace with multiple implementations.

>> Editing a single field is a much less common operation than we were  
>> expecting.

Maybe uncommon but definitely useful. As an editing site manager I do  
often appreciate single field edition.

> I suggest–when enabled–that it doesn't trigger on single click but  
> by clicking on a tiny icon that shows up next to the field when  
> hovering over the field's value. Simple, unobtrusive and  
> predictable. You could even do a fade-in on hover so that you don't  
> see it when moving over the page.

I'm conscious of points (a) and (b) above.

Might Danny's suggestion become a streamlined PLIP?

>> * as Alexander mentioned in his new UI proposal what you really  
>> want is a quick option to go to a full edit-mode.


Incidentally the comments routine at plone.org doesn't work for me
<http://dev.plone.org/plone.org/ticket/938> so if you receive on the  
Framework Team list any comments that might be better received at  
plone.org pages, please excuse me.

With respect

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