[Framework-Team] Re: PLIP 236: Move Display menu to edit and allow for custom properties

Danny Bloemendaal danny.bloemendaal at informaat.nl
Fri Oct 10 04:36:54 UTC 2008

On 9 okt 2008, at 11:32, Martin Aspeli wrote:

> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>> First: remove the Display menu and add a field to the settings tab of
>> the edit form where it belongs.
> -1 for 3.x.
> - This breaks existing documentation and expectations.

Mmm.. change the docs then ;-)

> - The display menu is not specific to Archetypes or any particular  
> content type implementation. We shouldn't tie this to AT (or any  
> other content type framework).

Who is talking about that? An end user has no notion of AT whatsoever!  
He sees a settings tab in the edit form and there is where this option  
needs to be. (Just like wf-transitions need to be part of the form and  
they aren't related to AT either). Right now I see the display setting  
of certain folders change almost on a daily basis becuase people think  
they can use it to fit there current, temporary needs. And I can't  
blame them. That thing is wrong there.

There are a lot more attributes/properties on AT objects that control  
settings. Why not add the Display value as well to the object? You  
give it the settings schemata value and you are done. You only have to  
change the lookup code (with a fall back to the old location where  
origionally the display value was stored if it is there while the  
field is still None so you don't need any migration). Just be  
creative ;-)


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