[Framework-Team] PLIP 238: Disable inline editing by default

Danny Bloemendaal danny.bloemendaal at informaat.nl
Fri Oct 10 03:58:24 UTC 2008

On 27 sep 2008, at 16:15, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> I want to propose PLIP 238: Disable inline editing by default
> Motivation
> ----------
> I suspect that by now most of us have realized that the current  
> inline editing
> behaviour in Plone 3 is not very practical. It has two main problems:
> * it is very easily triggered by default, which causes unwanted edit  
> fields to
>  be opened which have to be manually closed. This happens because  
> many,
>  if not most, people click accidentily, select text to keep track of
>  the reading position, try to select text to copy&paste it or for  
> other
>  reasons. Since every single click activates inline edit this happens
>  all too often and becomes very frustrating over time.

I think that it's not caused by inline editing but by a bad UI choice  
here. I never ever understood why it was triggered by a single click.  
For me that is the only reason why I have this disabled in our  
intranets. I think that when done right this could still work well. So  
even if you make it optional, when enabled it should be done properly.  
I suggest–when enabled–that it doesn't trigger on single click but by  
clicking on a tiny icon that shows up next to the field when hovering  
over the field's value. Simple, unobtrusive and predictable. You could  
even do a fade-in on hover so that you don't see it when moving over  
the page.

> * as Alexander mentioned in his new UI proposal what you really want  
> is
>  a quick option to go to a full edit-mode. Editing a single field is a
>  much less common operation than we were expecting.

Yes, maybe but as we say in The Netherlands: a lot of water will have  
flown through the Rhine before that will have happened. In the mean  
time this could work as intentended.
> Proposal
> ---------
> Current Plone releases have a simple toggle to enable or disable  
> inline
> editing. I propose that we change the default for newly created  
> sites to
> disabled.

My counter proposal is to make it optional and when enable refactor  
the trigger as described above.


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