[Framework-Team] PLIP 242: Move manage-portlets link to site actions

Raphael Ritz raphael.ritz at incf.org
Thu Oct 9 10:38:57 UTC 2008

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> I'm too late for my own deadline, so I have no expectation that the 
> framework can review this on time time. If you guys have a bit of 
> spare time I would appreciate it though :)

Hi Wichert,

don't worry too much.
At least I planned to start reviewing only after
the conference sprints.

> I want to propose PLIP 242 for Plone 3.3: Move manage-portlets link to 
> site actions.

While I think I see your point I'm not sure it's the right
place to move it to.

First, I agree that the current situation isn't perfect.

But: those assignments are context depended and site
actions are typically used for (site) global settings.
Now while you can always link to the right URL, of course,
I'm not sure that that would be less confusing.

 From this POV the document actions might be more appropriate,
don't know. Or some new, location specific management category
could be introduced which could also be home for some of
the things we currently put on the edit form for lack of a
better place (like 'exclude from navigation' to give
one example).

What do others think?


> Motivation
> ==========
> Both portlet columns feature a "manage portlets" link at the bottom. This
> has several problems:
> * the location of the link and the fact that each column has its own 
> manage
>   portlet link leads users to believe that that link will go to a page to
>   configure that specific column, which is not true.
> * Many (if not most)l custom themes style the portlet column and have no
>   room for the manage portlets-link below the portlets.
> * all configuration options are in site or document actions, except for
>   manage portlets- a needless inconsistency.
> Proposal
> ========
> Remove the manage portlets-link from the default portlet renderer 
> template and replace it with a site action.
> Wichert.

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