[Framework-Team] PLIP 242: Move manage-portlets link to site actions

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Thu Oct 9 10:07:56 UTC 2008

I'm too late for my own deadline, so I have no expectation that the 
framework can review this on time time. If you guys have a bit of spare time 
I would appreciate it though :)

I want to propose PLIP 242 for Plone 3.3: Move manage-portlets link to site 


Both portlet columns feature a "manage portlets" link at the bottom. This
has several problems:

* the location of the link and the fact that each column has its own manage
   portlet link leads users to believe that that link will go to a page to
   configure that specific column, which is not true.
* Many (if not most)l custom themes style the portlet column and have no
   room for the manage portlets-link below the portlets.
* all configuration options are in site or document actions, except for
   manage portlets- a needless inconsistency.


Remove the manage portlets-link from the default portlet renderer template 
and replace it with a site action.


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