[Framework-Team] Re: Close Nominations Soon?

Steve McMahon steve at dcn.org
Thu Nov 27 17:52:53 UTC 2008

I seems to me that we have a consensus on process (which Tom listed
below), and should proceed.

Tom, if you've time to do a list, go ahead (I'll be doing US
Thanksgiving things today). Pre-subscribe anyone obvious, then we
should invite subscriptions from Framework team alumni that would like
to be involved.


On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 3:20 AM, Tom Lazar <lists at tomster.org> wrote:
> my summarized $0.02 on this:
> +1 for excluding nominees
> +1 for off-list discussion
> +1 for temporary list for the discussion
> +1 for including optilude, jon and steve on that list
> +1 for keeping 3.x and 4.x on the same list (this one)
> @steve: did you volunteer to set up the list? i could also set one up, if
> you like, as i have an existing mailman set up, however, it would be under a
> tomster.org domain. OTOH this might even be a bonus, considering the
> supr-s3cr3t nature of the list ;-)
> cheers,
> tom
> On 23.11.2008, at 16:36, Andreas Zeidler wrote:
>> On Nov 23, 2008, at 12:33 AM, Steve McMahon wrote:
>>> The DC consensus was that the next framework team should be chosen by
>>> the existing team plus interested framework team alums. I do think it
>>> would be wise for anyone nominated to exclude themselves from the
>>> discussion.
>>> Shall we set up a private list? (I can do that.) We could make Andi
>>> and Martin owners and they could approve subscriptions. (If there is a
>>> dispute over subscriptions, it could be appealed to the current
>>> framework team.) When a decision's made, we could delete the list --
>>> or open it and repurpose it as the Plone 4 FWT list.
>>> If it's agreeable to everyone, Jon Stahl and I could be on the list to
>>> be available as facilitators and errand runners, but without votes.
>> all of that (and also what martin said) sounds right, except maybe for
>> switching lists for the 4.x fwt.  anyway, +1 from me!  also, i think the
>> performance sprint will be a good opportunity to discuss the nominations —
>> quite a few current and former team members will be present.  that's to say
>> that imho we shouldn't schedule the deadline to announce the new team before
>> then...
>> cheers,
>> andi
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