[Framework-Team] 4.x team nomination

David Glick davidglick at onenw.org
Fri Nov 7 00:47:03 UTC 2008

I'd like to nominate myself for membership in the Plone 4 framework  

For those who haven't met me, I work as a Plone developer at ONE/ 
Northwest, where I've contributed to some 20 or so new Plone 3 sites  
in the past year as well as supporting existing Plone 2.0.5, 2.1 and  
2.5 sites.  I've only been involved in the Plone community for a  
little over a year, but have become increasingly active.  I wrote  
collective.recipe.omelette, updated the slideshowfolder product to  
work on Plone 3, and have been helping Martin work on  
Dexterity...along with other assorted bugfixing I've logged almost 200  
commits to the collective and Plone repositories.  I also submitted  
two PLIPs which have been approved for Plone 3.3, and have been active  
in Plone strategic planning both at the summit in February and in  
informal discussions at the Plone conference in DC.  I think I'm an  
excellent candidate for the framework team because I'm both very  
familiar with the codebase and also very aware of the areas in Plone  
that are troublesome for our developers, deployers, themers, and  
project managers.

Some of my goals for the 4.x series are:
- implement the vision of UI simplification that Alex Limi and others  
have begun to describe
- assuage the pain for themers and integrators that has been a problem  
in the 3.x series
- ease the learning curve for developers by improving documentation  
and using technologies more consistently
- make the core leaner and faster

thanks for your consideration,

David Glick
Web Developer

New tools and strategies for engaging people in protecting the  

davidglick at onenw.org
work: (206) 286-1235 x32
mobile: (206) 679-3833

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