[Framework-Team] Nomination

Matthew Wilkes matthew at matthewwilkes.co.uk
Wed Nov 5 12:54:11 UTC 2008

On 5 Nov 2008, at 12:29, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> - excels at reading and understanding other people's code

Yes, not only do I do regular code reviews at work I have worked as a  
coursework marker for a masters level university java course.  Part of  
my job is that when I see an interesting package name in the plone  
commits or on PyPI the first thing I read the source (including  
readme) and talk to my coworkers about it.

> - is excellent at reviewing documentation and release notes

I am the new editor of the configuration and setup section of  
plone.org documentation and started the evaluation process that the  
whole docteam is now using.  See http://www.openplans.org/projects/plone-documentation/configuration-and-setup-overview 
  for what I've done so far.  I love doctests as examples for plone.*  
packages but for plone.app.* they generally seem to be less useful.   
Either way, a readme file that clearly explains how to use the code is  
vital, imo.

> - loves to make sure a user interface is as simple as possible

Less so, I'm a terminal junkie.  I know what I hate, as it were, for  
example adding a new user with the manager role in PAS is dire, but  
I'm more interested in ensuring integrators can easily customise a UI  
than perfecting the OOTB one.  As long as it's usable it's enough for  


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