[Framework-Team] Draft Call for Team Membership Applications

Steve McMahon steve at dcn.org
Sat Nov 1 23:31:07 UTC 2008

Got it. How's this?

DRAFT Call for Plone 4.x Framework Team Members

Would you like to help choose what goes into Plone 4?

The Plone Framework team is now receiving applications and nominations
for membership in the Plone 4 Framework Team.

The Framework Team will be responsible for evaluating PLone
Improvement Proposals (PLIPS) and implementations for Plone 4.x. The
team also nominates the release manager to the Plone Foundation Board,
which does the hiring. PLIP evaluation consists of considering the
benefits and risks associated with a PLIP and casting a reasoned and
explained +/- 1 vote on each proposal. Framework Team members also
follow PLIP implementation, and make acceptance recommendations to the
Release Manager.

Qualifications include:

    * An awareness of community strategic discussions about Plone's development;
    * Ability to make a long-term committment. Plone 4 will take some
time, and the team will stay together to work on the entire 4.x
    * A good understanding of Plone's architecture and UI: enough to
weigh risks and benefits;
    * Time to keep up with discussions on the Framework Team mailing lists;
    * The ability to occasionally budget a significant amount of time
for evaluating PLIPs or implementations in detail as deadlines
    * The ability to work with SVN well enough to test PLIP
integration and implementation for final evaluation;
    * The personality to get along well in a flexible, give-and-take
group process and to accept and support group decisions.

New Framework Team members will be chosen by existing Framework Team
members and involved FWT alumni. Considerations will include many
criteria beyond the simply technical. The new team must be balanced in
skills and likely to work well together.

Please note something new: the Plone 3.x Framework Team will continue
to work on enhancing Plone 3.x during the development of Plone 4 and
possibly afterwards.

If you're interested or would like to nominate someone, please send an
introductory note, explaining you or your nominee's interest and
qualifications, to framework-team at lists.plone.org. Postings from
non-subscribers are rejected, so if you're not a subscriber, send your
message to steve at dcn.org with a request for forwarding.

On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 4:14 PM, Martijn Pieters <mj at zopatista.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 23:48, David Glick <davidglick at onenw.org> wrote:
>> Nomination doesn't have to be formalized.  If you have people in mind, why
>> not contact them directly and encourage them to submit a self-nomination?
>>  Then a shy person would know that they are welcome, but would still have to
>> demonstrate some initiative.
> I am speaking from personal experience here; Geir Bækholt nominated
> me; I would not have come forward myself, I don't think. Perhaps if
> encouraged, but that's a toss-up, I think.
> I am not asking for a formal nomination process, I am asking for some
> reworking the text a little to also encouraging informal nominations.
> I agree that to require someone to officially second or endorse you is
> too much overhead.
> --
> Martijn Pieters
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