[Framework-Team] Draft Call for Team Membership Applications

Martijn Pieters mj at zopatista.com
Sat Nov 1 23:14:44 UTC 2008

On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 23:48, David Glick <davidglick at onenw.org> wrote:
> Nomination doesn't have to be formalized.  If you have people in mind, why
> not contact them directly and encourage them to submit a self-nomination?
>  Then a shy person would know that they are welcome, but would still have to
> demonstrate some initiative.

I am speaking from personal experience here; Geir Bækholt nominated
me; I would not have come forward myself, I don't think. Perhaps if
encouraged, but that's a toss-up, I think.

I am not asking for a formal nomination process, I am asking for some
reworking the text a little to also encouraging informal nominations.
I agree that to require someone to officially second or endorse you is
too much overhead.

Martijn Pieters

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