[Framework-Team] Re: WebDAV changes

Andreas Zeidler az at zitc.de
Wed Feb 27 16:39:24 UTC 2008

On Feb 27, 2008, at 5:22 PM, Tom Lazar wrote:
> On 27.02.2008, at 09:57, Andreas Zeidler wrote:
>> On Feb 27, 2008, at 2:00 AM, Sidnei da Silva wrote:
>>> On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 9:13 PM, Andreas Zeidler <az at zitc.de> wrote:
>>>> On Feb 24, 2008, at 5:30 PM, George Lee wrote:
>>>> imho, yes.
> i still don't see how i should have caught the bug wiggy has, if  
> that issue specifically *was* working when i conducted my own tests.

just to make sure, you had removed the Calendaring package from your  
buildout when this still worked?

> but then again: isn't that the reason why the rest of the framework  
> team members were supposed to read each plip's review notes and then  
> cast their vote on the plip, as well? in this case none of five  
> reviewers noticed the oversight.

no, but it's kinda hard to know there are additional packages without  
reviewing the bundle in the first place.  i mean, how can you tell the  
notes are missing something when the only information you're looking  
at are the notes.  this could mean there's a flaw in the process, and  
imho that's the case, but for this time at least the other members  
relied on the notes, so to say.  well, some didn't even go that  
far... ;)

> I think, for the future we need to create more specific checklists  
> of some sort to increase the likelihood that all relevant aspects of  
> a plip are covered in a review.


> then again, i realise now that part of the job of a reviewer is  
> exactly to find out those areas. perhaps that's something we should  
> specifically add to the job description ;-)

+1 again.

> having read the list and the trac comments i still can't tell  
> whether the consensus is to re-review the bundle for 3.1 or if this  
> is going to go into 3.2. i guess, that's ultimately wiggy's call.

afaik sidnei was going to look into the raised issues first (and fix  
them), but a clear statement would probably help him decide if it  
makes sense at all for him to spend time on it now.



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