[Framework-Team] Merged PLIPs 184, 200, 202, 203 and 204

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Tue Feb 26 01:45:12 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I've merged the following PLIPs tonight:

  184 - additional portlets

  200 - kupu formlib widget

  202 - inline editing and validation with KSS for formlib forms

  203 - portlet GenericSetup support

  204 - content rules GenericSetup support

I've made changes to

  - ploneout 3.0 branch (switching to maintenance 1.0 branches for 
plone.contentrules, plone.app.contentrules and plone.app.form)
  - ploneout 3.1 branch (adding plone.portlet.static and 
plone.portlet.collection to the buildout)
  - plone.app.form trunk
  - plone.contentrules trunk
  - plone.app.contentrules trunk
  - plone.app.portlets trunk
  - CMFPlone 3.1 branch (registering things used by the PLIPs, migrations)
  - CMFPlone trunk (merged changes to 3.1 branch)

I don't think I've broken any tests that weren't broken already. :)

The merge for plone.app.portlets was a bit tricky since I got a lot of 
conflicts with George's changes to the GS handlers. His tests and mine 
both pass without modification (almost), so that's good. However, it'd 
be nice if George could take a look at my changes.

It probably also makes sense to extend my test_configuration.py test 
case with some more examples that cover George's new GS syntax. This is 
overlapping with, but different to George's test_exportimport.xml (his 
tests the handles directly, mine is an integration test that actually 
loads a profile and then export it again). George, would you be up for 
that? It should be pretty simple.

Also - Wichert: PLIP 194 (GenericSetup improvements) really rocks. No 
import import_steps.xml. Yay!

Now I'm tired. :)


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want to work with Plone. See http://martinaspeli.net/plone-book

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