[Framework-Team] Re: WebDAV changes

George Lee georgeleejr at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 20:49:13 UTC 2008

Tom Lazar <lists at ...> writes:

> for the record: the front-page issue mentioned by wiggy did *not*  
> occur in my testing of the bundle itself, which suggests that it is  
> perhaps caused by some side-effect of previous merges. and certainly  
> outside the scope of the framework-team testing... (not that it  
> actually matters now, though)

Or perhaps an issue with removing Calendaring, keeping Lime, and keeping the
CMFPlone changes (for instance, a broken import Calendaring step in CMFPlone
that it doesn't understand without Calendaring?) -- not with actually having all
of them together.

My framework-team questions is more about "to egg or not to egg" and unneeded
code, whether that should have been noted.

I think people's suggestions of a better framework team process; and
communicating more clearly when things need to be reverted, by whom, and why --
make sense.


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