[Framework-Team] The final(?) verdict

Danny Bloemendaal danny.bloemendaal at informaat.nl
Wed Feb 20 20:45:14 UTC 2008

Hi all, sorry for the late reply, had a busy day.

Anyway, thanks again Raphael for your wrap up.

On 20 feb 2008, at 15:48, Raphael Ritz wrote:
> Now, a variant that we might want to consider is
> only to clear (but not to issue the error in) the
> status message. That would address the specific
> concern I have about inconsistent feedback and
> make things jump around a bit less.
> Still not sure what's the right thing to do here though

I'd say to just clear the message when it is no longer needed and  
indeed show the message if pressing the save button resulst in an  
error. That means that no message is shown during inline validation.  
If the message is cleared because inline validate caused all the error  
solved then that is ok. It would still be good though to have a more  
smooth disappearance of this. (When do we finally start using smooth  
transitions in plone???). At least you get rid of the sudden jumping  
and your eye can follow the current widget that has the focus.


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