[Framework-Team] The final(?) verdict

Tom Lazar lists at tomster.org
Wed Feb 20 14:18:26 UTC 2008

maybe i didn't understand you correctly, but i was under the  
impression that you had additionally suggestded that the inline  
validation should als explicitly *clear* and statusmessages. this  
would certainly address the issue you're mentioning below... at least  
i think so. *scratches head*

just my $0.02,


On 20.02.2008, at 13:28, Raphael Ritz wrote:

> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> [..]
>>>> PLIP #202: Support inline validation and editing for formlib forms
>>>> http://plone.org/products/plone/roadmap/203
>>>> https://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/7737
>>>> +4 - but there is still some debate about what's the
>>>> best way to handle the portal status message. Once this
>>>> is sorted out (and implemented) it's ready for merge
>>> I agree with Danny that that must be fixed before merge.
>> Do we have consensus here? IMHO, the portal message should just not  
>> be
>> shown. It's not shown for AT edit forms as far as I recall. I'm happy
>> to do whatever, though.
> As I feel kind of guilty here I try once more to explain my
> point of view.
> In Martin's original implementation the portal status message
> was left alone - which is what Danny is proposing also if I
> understand him correctly - but that reveals the following issue:
> Take the sample form shipped with the review buildout and just
> submit the form without entering anything (by pressing 'save' that  
> is).
> You will get a portal status message "Error: ..." *and* the fields
> will be highlighted as usual. Now go and enter valid input.
> The fields will "turn normal" as you switch focus but the error
> message in the portal status message stays around resulting in
> a view of the form where there is an error message at the top of
> the page but no errors present. This is what I found confusing and
> why I introduced updating the portal status message from the
> inline validation as well.
> I agree that this has a negative impact on user experience as things
> start to jump around because of the portal status message changing
> but still I consider providing contradicting feedback to the user as
> we had it initially to be even worse.
> I don't know the solution to this myself and I would be happy to see
> this addressed the right way if somebody knows what the right
> way would be ;-)
> Raphael
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