[Framework-Team] Re: Updated PLIP review deadline

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Fri Feb 15 23:23:20 UTC 2008

Hi Andreas,

> since you've sent that mail to: me and i'm also the spokesperson of  
> the framework team, i'll try to respond to a few bits.

Thank you. I'll snip this a bit since many of my comments were written 
in frustration and were unduly harshly worded. I apologise for that.

 > i know there's also been a
> discussion back then, and i do agree with you that it leaves only very  
> little time for you (PLIP authors), but blaming the framework team for  
> this doesn't seem right imo.  the team surely is to blame for other  
> things, but it didn't set or change the schedule, except for  
> prolonging the review period, of course.

Completely fair. I'm sorry for phrasing it this way.

> well, i guess the attempt to centralise things using trac tickets was  
> maybe not such a good idea after all.  the idea was in fact to make it  
> easier for authors to keep track of things, but that was assuming  
> everybody had filled in their email address to receive trac  
> notifications (or was using rss), of course.  

My problem is rather that I receive too many Trac notifications, and so 
they tend to get lost. ;)

I'd like to help draft some better guidelines for 3.2. The previous team 
(of which I was the spokesperson) did not do a good job of handing over.

>> The Framework Team needs to bear some responsibility for the quality
>> of the release, and that includes setting realistic expectations of
>> PLIP authors. It also includes giving clear communication about what
>> those expecations are, and taking into account that people will be
>> doing this work in their spare time, with other time pressures.
> i agree, except that i didn't think this also includes changing the  
> schedule.  i was under the impression his was the job of the release  
> manager, but maybe there's been some misunderstanding here.

This is a good point... I think the release manager and the framework 
team need to work together on this, since the whole process depends on 
their ability to review and give good feedback.

>> For example, if you'd met you original deadline, I would've had more
>> time, since that deadline was set at a more advantageous date. Right
>> now, I'm exhausted and fed up.
> i'm sorry about that, but i guess taking all author's personal  
> schedules into account isn't really possible either.  like i said, the  
> time span between reviews and tagging is still the same, and the  
> original schedule might also have worked worse (or better) for some of  
> you.  btw, i'm not particularly happy about the delay and the amount  
> of additional work it creates...

Timing relative to the PSPS was a problem as well. For me at least, 
having a clear weekend to work on things is quite important, since it's 
hard to guarantee time during the week.


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