[Framework-Team] My conclusion regarding 201 (USW)

Danny Bloemendaal danny.bloemendaal at informaat.nl
Fri Feb 15 22:10:28 UTC 2008

Today Florian made some changes to überselectionwidget to use the same  
pattern as Mac OS Finder's column view and it rocks and I really think  
that this is the way how it should work. Add search, good mouse/ 
keyboard navigation, object details etc to it and you have a very  
powerful and easy to use widget. However, it needs a bit more  
designing, twaeking and getting it just right (tm) so I think that  
that will not make it into 3.1 but surely 3.2. Florian thinks that it  
can put some parts of this plip in 3.1 though so that it is even  
better that was is now in 3.0 (backend, js and js-less search) so I  
think that that part could land in 3.1.

Next week I will work with Florian on some more designs, mockups and  
specs. So.. stay tuned :)

Oh, when this widget is going to work as planned.. we could use that  
same pattern for navigating the portal as an alternative to the  
navtree ;-). Now.. that would be interesting to explore as well  
someday. It is so fast... Ah well.../me is dreaming away. (which  
reminds me... Wichert have you added my kss stuff for expandable/ 
collapsible navtree folders?.. ok ok.. that's off topic.. let's not  
discuss it here ;-)) but oh my do I love that in our intranet.. don't  
want to miss that navtree feature anymore).


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