[Framework-Team] Re: Updated PLIP review deadline

Andreas Zeidler az at zitc.de
Thu Feb 14 19:13:36 UTC 2008

On Feb 14, 2008, at 4:22 AM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>> otherwise we should have a complete set of votes by monday night, at
>>> which point i'll post the verdict or rather the recommendations of
>>> the framework team.  that should leave enough time for merging and
>>> last-minute polishing before the alpha freeze, which will presumably
>>> be on february 22nd now (assuming we're gonna shift the whole
>>> schedule by two weeks).
>>> does that sound alright with everyone?
>> +1 from me
> That doesn't make sense, does it?
> If you give final votes/recommendations on Monday the 18th of
> February, and then you want to merge and freeze by Friday the 22nd,
> that leaves ... four days for people to react to your recommendations?
> That's insane!

well, the reviews (incl their corresponding notes) will have to be  
submitted by saturday, and the authors will also be notified via  
trac.  that would give an additional weekend to react, well perhaps  
just sunday.  i agree that this is still leaving very little time to  
respond, but that was also the same with the original schedule we all  
agreed upon.  and besides, afaik all but one PLIPs have been reviewed  
with notes posted, so there was some additional time available.  and  
yes, in theory new issues could be brought up by reading the notes and  
thinking of something the first two reviewers have missed, but i think  
the chances here are pretty slim.  imho they're so slim, that adding  
another week before starting the merge doesn't justify them.

> You need to at least give a weekend in-between. I thought that there
> were at least two weeks beteween final votes/recommended changes and
> final merges.

the 22nd is "just" the date of the alpha freeze, the first rc gets  
frozen on the 29th.  that should leave enough time to work things out,  
esp since i think it's fine to still put in minor (and very serious)  
fixes between the two.  plus like already said, it's the same as the  
original schedule (i.e. long-known ;)) except shifted two weeks.

> I don't think you can realistically freeze the alpha before March 3rd
> if you want all the packages in for the freeze.

i'm not sure, but i guess that's really wichert's call anyway.



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