[Framework-Team] Re: Updated PLIP review deadline

Tom Lazar lists at tomster.org
Thu Feb 14 12:01:06 UTC 2008

On Feb 14, 2008, at 7:19 AM, Andreas Zeidler wrote:

> On Feb 7, 2008, at 1:01 AM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> Once you post your reviews (here?) what happens? How does the team  
>> arrive at a final yes/no vote? How long does that take?
> hmm, i can't decide on these, of course, but i'd still like to try  
> and get at least two reviews per PLIP.  in case the reviews don't  
> reveal major issues or otherwise warrant further discussion, i think  
> that should do.  every member of the team should read all of the  
> submitted review notes and formally vote on the inclusion of the  
> PLIP in question, though.  with the deadline on the 16th and a  
> sunday following that i reckon it should be easy enough for everyone  
> to cast their votes by monday.  in case not, could you please tell  
> us asap?
> otherwise we should have a complete set of votes by monday night, at  
> which point i'll post the verdict or rather the recommendations of  
> the framework team.  that should leave enough time for merging and  
> last-minute polishing before the alpha freeze, which will presumably  
> be on february 22nd now (assuming we're gonna shift the whole  
> schedule by two weeks).
> does that sound alright with everyone?

+1 from me
>> For 3.0, each reviewer posted a thread here with the necessary  
>> comments, including good points, bad points and recommendations.
> i guess that's what the trac tickets were created for — the  
> reviewers are supposed to update those with links to their notes,  
> and i've cc'ed the authors when creating them.  hmm, i guess that's  
> assuming everyone had put their email address into their trac  
> settings, but i'll make sure to cc everyone again when sending out  
> the results on monday.
>> We then reported back to the author (usually by just CC'ing them on  
>> the framework team list threads) and they were told either that it  
>> was rejected, or to make the necessary changes (if any) and prepare  
>> for merge. Wichert took the final decision on whether to merge or  
>> not.
> that makes sense, of course, and imho we should keep it like that.
>> As a learning point, we (I) should have written down our process  
>> properly and handed it over better.
> i suppose that would have helped a bit here and there, but most of  
> the problems we were seeing were due to lack of time anyway.
>> I apologise for not doing this, relying on doing it verbally and  
>> letting you guys (especially Andreas) come up with your own take  
>> without too much guidance.
> no biggie — the important bit was to identify this during the  
> summit, which will hopefully make sure things work better next time.
> cheers,
> andi
> ps: sorry for answering so late, btw.
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