[Framework-Team] Two more reviews primed

Andreas Zeidler az at zitc.de
Wed Feb 13 10:39:14 UTC 2008

On Feb 11, 2008, at 9:54 AM, Andreas Zeidler wrote:
> i'll do another more in depth wrap-up later, but the quick status is  
> that the only PLIPs left now without any reviews are #212 and #215.   
> iirc, tom was planning to do #212 today, so if anyone was up to look  
> into #215 the first round could be completed...

here's and updated and condensed status overview:

reviews     planned
     #187: Working Out-of-the-box WebDAV                     raphael
     #201: Improve the UberSelectionWidget UI                 
martijn     tom
     #202: Support inline validation and editing [...]       raphael
     #205: Flexibility Associating Portlet Types [...]       andi
     #207: Allow Custom Portlet Managers                     andi
     #208: Adapter-Based Local Role Lookup                   andi
     #209: Add buildout to Unified Installer                  
martijn     tom
     #212: Use jQuery Javascript Library                     tom
     #213: Prepare for better Syndication                    andi
     #215: Include new KSS  
versions                          ??          tom
     #217: Use Adaptation for Workflow Assignment            andi
     #218: Increase Restrictions, and Ability to [...]       andi
     #220: Improve browser layer support                     andi
     #224: CSRF protection framework                          
raphael     andi

i left out the not-submitted PLIPs as well as those that have already  
been reviewed at least twice.  nevertheless the remaining list is  
still quite long, and the deadline is approaching rapidly, so here's  
another call to the team:

     * tom, you said you would also look at #201, #209, #215 as well  
as "leftovers".  so, can i suggest you pick at least three more, let  
us know which and post an updated ETA, please?

     * martijn, as i think we'll have to end up with at least 8  
reviews each, it would be great if you do one more as well (and let us  
know which, too).

     * raphael, i know you've already done several reviews, but could  
you please try to post your notes asap?  in case there are issues, the  
authors will need some time to be able to respond to those...

     * danny, you said you'd be able to work on your reviews starting  
this week.  could you please give us an update about which ones that  
will be and when you'll finish them as well?

     * as i said earlier, i will still look into #224, but won't get  
to do so before the flight back on thursday.

so much for the moment — i'll post another summary once everyone has  
stated which PLIPs they'll tackle.  and again, please do so asap,  
we're quickly running out of time!!



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