[Framework-Team] February 16 Deadline?

George Lee georgeleejr at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 20:30:02 UTC 2008


When Andi suggested the February 16 deadline, it seemed to be based on some
scattered conversations on-list, off-list, and on IRC. Nobody replied on-list
saying that this deadline would definitely work for them, although that has
since been set as the official new deadline. There has also been a general lack
of reply to Andi's recent e-mail about the remaining four unreviewed PLIPs. 

For the sake of transparency to the rest of the developers not on the framework
team, can the framework team members please reply on-list to say whether they
can really meet this deadline? Martijn has been doing reviews since the new
deadline announcement, but personally I feel left in the dark whether the whole
team is really committed to the February 16 deadline.


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