[Framework-Team] Re: Updated PLIP review deadline

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu Feb 7 09:01:30 UTC 2008

Tom Lazar wrote:
> once again, i'm awefully sorry to be part of the reason for the delay.  
> as stated earlier, i cannot start any reviews until after tuesday next  
> week, when i'm back from gsm world. seriously, i *have* tried (and in  
> fact have started on 212 already but ran into some snags that i need  
> to follow up upon and right now my days are simply packed. sorry,  
> that's life -- next week this time i will probably be bored out of my  
> mind picking my nose...
> the silence on my part was simply because there was nothing to report.  
> i'll post some reviews next wednesday and aim to finish all of them no  
> later than thursday. i hope that's acceptable.

Thanks Tom - that's great!

Once you post your reviews (here?) what happens? How does the team 
arrive at a final yes/no vote? How long does that take?

For 3.0, each reviewer posted a thread here with the necessary comments, 
including good points, bad points and recommendations. Discussion then 
ensued if necessary, with each member casting a +1 or -1 (or abstain). I 
then counted the votes, though in almost all cases there was consensus.

We then reported back to the author (usually by just CC'ing them on the 
framework team list threads) and they were told either that it was 
rejected, or to make the necessary changes (if any) and prepare for 
merge. Wichert took the final decision on whether to merge or not.

As a learning point, we (I) should have written down our process 
properly and handed it over better. I apologise for not doing this, 
relying on doing it verbally and letting you guys (especially Andreas) 
come up with your own take without too much guidance.


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