[Framework-Team] Re: Review process

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu Feb 7 08:10:54 UTC 2008

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> I am not sure why we have not been able to meet the previous PLIP review
> deadline. Judging by feedback from the framework team members a large
> number of you have been swamped with various things such as work, moving
> and other external events. I'm wondering if that was all unpredictable,
> or if we could have known that in advance and taken that into account
> when making our schedule. We will need to find a method to prevent this
> from happening again for Plone 3.2.

Everyone is busy, that's a given. That's why we try to tip the balance, 
for example by insisting on easily reviewable buildouts, up-to-date 
PLIPs to give background, and instructions in the bundle to point 
reviewers in the right direction. It's also why we have deadlines 
published well in advanced and give everyone a chance to comment on 
those deadlines before they're set in stone.

Unforeseen events of course happen. However, it is unacceptable to let a 
deadline slip quietly, without mitigation. Being busy is not a great 
excuse since there has been a lot of time and the deadline was set 
months ago. I don't see *any* notices of completed reviews on this list 
(maybe you're using a different channel?), which suggests that the 
reviews have hardly started, not just that a few couldn't be accommodated.

If it really is impossible to meet the deadline, then we have to be able 
to set a new one, and come up with a realistic plan for how to cope. If 
you truly are unable to do anything, then at least make an attempt to 
find a substitute, don't just drop the ball with an apologetic email. I 
commend Andreas' efforts to get clarity around this and to remind 
everyone of the deadlines. His job is really only to be the team's 
spokesperson, not to look after everyone else, which is a pretty 
thankless task.

Sorry, I realise this is probably unfair and more than a little whingey, 
but I'm actually pretty annoyed by this, and I'm sure everyone else who 
put the work in to get bundles ready in time for the deadlines that this 
very team first set and published would be too.


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