[Framework-Team] WebDav plip

Raphael Ritz raphael.ritz at incf.org
Thu Feb 7 02:15:04 UTC 2008

Hi folks,

just so you are not surprised should Graham post to this
list anytime soon.

Raphael (on his way to the summit)

Graham Perrin wrote:
>> From: Andreas Zeidler <az at zitc.de>
>> Date: 31 January 2008 20:28:05 GMT
>> To: Tom Lazar <tom at tomster.org>
>> Cc: Framework Team <framework-team at lists.plone.org>, Martijn Pieters 
>> <mj at jarn.com>
>> Subject: Re: [Framework-Team] review deadline coming up
>> ... raphael already offered to review martin's plips (184, 200, 202, 
>> 203, 204) as well as sidnei's webdav work (187).
> Hi

Hi Graham,

first sorry for responding only now. I've been
super busy and often offline recently but you
know that I guess ...
> I'll be more than happy to help with the WebDAV aspect, if required.

That's awesome news.

> I don't know the review routines, but if there's any task/test you'd 
> like me to perform, just ask.

There aren't very well defined routines and here the situation
is even less clear as "working" depends so much on platform
and other applications (and maybe even different expectations
by different people).

So any kind of feedback is welcome, even just "status reports"
like: "I tested feature X (file upload/download; folder creation; etc)
on platform Y using DAV client Z and it worked/didn't work/produced
this error but worked nevertheless/worked on third attempt/..."
would be very useful.
Maybe we should even try to get this organized as a community effort
but then shepherding that effort would be a task of it's own.

What I still plan to do myself is to look at extensibility because the
last time I looked at this there was no way for add-on authors who
provide a custom (AT) field type to provide their own serialization
if needed. In that case you are stuck as soon as the marshaller's
default serialization can't handle your case. I'm afraid that's still
the case but I need to check this more thoroughly. (and obviously
there is a way out if the marshaller would adapt the fields instead
of applying some heuristics to their value)

Feel free to provide any feedback you may have on this to
the framework team list right away (included in cc).



> In any case I have cc'd myself under 
> <https://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/7732>.
> ----
> On 15 Jan 2008, at 11:24, Raphael Ritz wrote:
>> I might also be able to comment on Sidnei's  WebDAV work (though I 
>> can't test on Windows; Linux and Mac only here)
> Similarly, I'm Mac-oriented. Ubuntu 7.10 and Windows XP in virtual 
> machines.
> Best regards
> Graham Perrin

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