pyflakes? (was: Re: [Framework-Team] Translation effort for Plone 3.1)

Martijn Pieters mj at
Fri Feb 1 18:00:48 UTC 2008

On 1. feb.. 2008, at 12.28, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> Careful with weeding imports. I recently had to fix a migration issue
>> for a customer, where a persistent tool had been moved into another
>> module with an import at the old location. Someone else then ran
>> pyflakes and removed said import, breaking the migration.
> That's what zope.deferredimport is for. :)

Perhaps. But moved persistent classes also need to be migrated,  
really. Any such class can be replaced by instantiating the new class  
and doing a __getstate__() on the old and a __setstate__ on the new  
class (acquisition unwrapped of course).


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