[Framework-Team] Re: PLIPs 208 and 217 Ready for Review

Tom Lazar lists at tomster.org
Fri Feb 1 12:06:05 UTC 2008

updates and fixes would only go into the new package. of course, we'd  
leave the old packages around. and, of course, maintaining two  
branches just for naming reasons is out of the question.

we can add a note in README.txt or somesuch and make an announcement  
at the product's PSC presence. that should do the trick IMHO.

i'm all for bringing stuff like this into the plone namespace.

just my $0.02,


On 01.02.2008, at 12:12, Andreas Zeidler wrote:

> On Feb 1, 2008, at 9:51 AM, Alexander Limi wrote:
>> Just a general question here, while I remember it:
>> When things like this happen, shouldn't packages be renamed to  
>> plone.localrole instead of borg.localrole?
> hmm, i'm not sure.  it would surely lessen confusion, but otoh a lot  
> of packages (and buildouts for that matter) depend on that package,  
> so changing the name would cause quite a bit of migration  
> headaches.  of course it'd be possible to leave the old version  
> around for a while, but what about updates and fixes?  and  
> maintaining another branch just because of this seems a bit too  
> much, imho.
> cheers,
> andi
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