pyflakes? (was: Re: [Framework-Team] Translation effort for Plone 3.1)

Andreas Zeidler az at
Fri Feb 1 10:51:21 UTC 2008

On Feb 1, 2008, at 9:32 AM, Alexander Limi wrote:
> You probably see where I'm going with this, but: I'd like to ship  
> 3.1 with a set of .po files that do not contain the strings from  
> Plone 2.5. Hanno said it would take him "a couple of hours" to weed  
> out the stuff that is 2.5-specific, and agrees that it would be a  
> good thing to do.

sounds like something to do on the plane... :)

> It will make Plone easier to translate, and increase our  
> participation and success rate with the upcoming translation push.
> Comments?

+1 from me as well.

talking about "weeding out stuff" bring another thing to mind.  not  
exactly related to translations, but i'll throw it in here anyway:   
tools like pylint[1] and pyflakes[2] have really grown on me ever  
since i started using them.  imho they not only help with keeping code  
clean, but also with quickly catching typos and errors, effectively  
saving you a lot of time.

the plone code base, however, is still loaded with unused imports and  
other stuff producing warnings and error when checked with these,  
which once again became very obvious while doing reviews for plone  
3.1.  hmm, to avoid misunderstandings i should inject that the new  
code i've reviewed was perfectly fine in this regard and it was pretty  
evident from the changesets that george for example uses either of  
those (or a similar tool) as well.

so this is more about the existing code base, and i was repeatedly  
wondering when would be the best time to start cleaning up these  
issues.  i reckon doing it for minor releases would sort of require a  
PLIP, and bugfix releases are probably out of the question, too, but  
deferring it to the next major release would imply waiting another  
long while.  and besides, this would also mean that all affected  
packages[3] would need branches for their stable line of bugfix  
releases, which would result in a lot of additional maintenance efforts.

so, what would be a sensible way to approach this?



[3] which basically means all packages except `statusmessages` (guess  
who owns that ;)) as you can see from the attached list counting the  
warnings;  i should note that this list still contains warnings about  
namespace package ``s and convenience imports in  
interfaces/ etc, so it's exaggerating things a little... :)

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