[Framework-Team] search function for plone.org and for Trac

Graham Perrin G.J.Perrin at bton.ac.uk
Sat Dec 27 15:58:58 UTC 2008

On 26 Dec 2008, at 22:34, Alexander Limi wrote:

>> Have we considered how we're going to handle the search function  
>> once plone.org and trac look the same visually?  If we just use the  
>> separate search features of each product it's a bit non-ideal
> Yes, this is a known issue that I think we'll have to live with for  
> a little while. It doesn't make things worse as such, but it  
> certainly could be made better — and the fact that it will look like  
> it's the same web site
> For now, we'll have to tolerate it, and see if we can do something  
> nicer wrt. indexing when all the other bits are in place.  
> collective.solr would be nice, but I don't want to put more moving  
> parts on plone.org until we have sanitized what's already there.

Might PloneTrac <http://plone.org/products/plonetrac/> provide a  
useful foundation to any of this? From its January 2007 (alpha)  

>> View Trac tickets from within Plone, via XMLRPC. Multiple Tracs can  
>> be defined, which allows you to aggregate tickets. As well, custom  
>> queries can be written so specific projects or users tickets can be  
>> displayed. Further, if the Tracs is in the same authentication  
>> domain then %u can be used to substitute the authenticated user name.

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