[Framework-Team] PLIP lifecycle

Hanno Schlichting hannosch at hannosch.eu
Thu Dec 25 15:45:41 UTC 2008


I think it is time to start detailing the exact framework team and PLIP
process for Plone (4) and document it.

The first step of moving the PLIP's into Trac has been decided before
the new team started. For the remaining process the new team should
define how things are going to work.

The last time we have written down the process is a while back and can
be found for reference at:

>From my point of view the main stages from an idea to an accepted PLIP's

- Someone got an idea

- The idea is discussed on the plone-developers mailing list. At this
stage the entire development community will give feedback on the general
idea. If the idea echoes some positive feedback and is considered a
major change, the person will be asked to write a PLIP.

- The person is now considered the champion of the PLIP and the contact
point for all future discussions. He will write the first part of the
PLIP and once ready announce it to the framework team list. At this
point the information required is to know an abstract of what should be
done, why it should be done and known risks in terms of interactions
with other parts of the system or backwards compatibility. A deep
technical explanation is not required yet.

- The framework team will review the new PLIP in a timely manner and
either ask the person to include more information or make a decision
about whether or not the PLIP is appropriate for Plone in general and
for which release. For this decision all aspects of the PLIP including
technical, documentation and UI parts need to be taken into account. I
see this first part of the review to be much more of an ongoing activity
and not directly bound to releases.

- If a PLIP got a positive general review the champion can start
developing the functionality or organize people to develop the
functionality for him. If he has doubts or questions about the way to
implement something he can seek the wisdom of the entire community. He
might find a mentor in the community who has prior knowledge in the
specific area to help him. It should be encouraged to keep the PLIP
updated during the implementation and track progress so anyone
interested can follow it.

- Once the PLIP is fully implemented the champion announces it to the
framework team list and asks for a full review. Depending on the change
a review buildout might be required here.

- The framework team reviews the PLIP and its implementation and gives
feedback about it. Once the feedback is incorporated the team makes a
final official vote on the PLIP and recommends it for inclusion to the
release manager of a particular release.

The exact way to involve the UI and documentation team needs to be
defined. I think we should write up the process first and then sent it
for comments to the two others team. We can incorporate their feedback
in terms of when and how they like to be involved.

Something that needs to be decided on top of this is how to handle
deadlines and set those. We have a lot of possibilities here. I'll
follow up with a second mail on how I see the release process for 4.0 to
be done, which has implications for the timelines.


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