[Framework-Team] Re: Expressing *now* at Trac the routines relating to Plone improvement proposals; minimising noise

Hanno Schlichting hannosch at hannosch.eu
Thu Dec 25 13:19:36 UTC 2008

Graham Perrin wrote:
> ===========
> Suggestions
> ===========
> 1. At <http://dev.plone.org/plone/> explain now or ASAP the three types
> of ticket:
> * Bug
> * Feature request
> * Plone improvement proposal

I think bug and feature request are quite self-explanatory. We tried to
use 'defect' instead of 'Bug' for a while without success.

> 2. If it's not too late, within the Type menu in Trac:
> * use the expression 'Plone improvement proposal' in lieu of PLIP.

We tried that and it failed. People don't read documentation up-front
but will go ahead and add new tickets. Once we had both "Feature
request" and "Improvement proposal" in the list, people started adding
the latter.

This just causes someone the pain to reclassify the tickets. As long as
we cannot put security restrictions to the type of ticket you are
allowed to add, the protection an unknown abbreviation like "PLIP" gives
us, seems to be the easiest way.

Adding PLIP's requires you to know about the process involved. We need
to better explain this process, but we don't want random noise in the

What we are trying to get better here right now is the PLIP and
framework team process alone. The entire feature request / ideas /
feedback process discussion is separate from this, as it is directed at
a different audience and needs different tools.


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