[Framework-Team] Re: [plone4] - Initial PLIP drafts coming in

Jens W. Klein jens at bluedynamics.com
Tue Dec 23 12:10:00 UTC 2008

In your PLIPs you wrote i.e. here https://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/8593 
to remove parts out of "Plone the Product". I fully agree to remove 
features from the core! 

But I think if we do so, there should be a set of "Managed Plone 
Products". Important add-ons like LinguaPlone or the removed parts should 
get in a "managed by the Plone [Foundation|Team X]" state.

In my opinion major tasks of this group of people are i.e.: 
* identify important add-ons, 
* ask the maintainer/author of the add-on if she/he agrees,
* manage a list of those add-ons, 
* do quality assurance on those add-ons 
* ensure an upgrade path to new plone releases,
* look at plips and how they may influence managed add-ons.

The list of add-ons should be short and only widely used features should 
make it onto it. I think here of modules like LinguaPlone, PloneFormGen, 
Collage, archetypes.schemaextender.

IMO it is very important to ensure important add-ons to be compatible 
with future plone releases. This gives trust to integrators of Plone.

Risk: Modules not on this list get underestimated. Which would be wrong.

If current teams structure is not sufficient for this task, we could 
introduce a new "Add-On Team". 


-- Jens Klein

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