[Framework-Team] [plone4] - Initial PLIP drafts coming in

Hanno Schlichting hannosch at hannosch.eu
Sat Dec 20 20:06:38 UTC 2008


I've started to write up initial PLIP drafts for the major changes that
have already been implemented on SVN trunk and that I want to do for
4.0. They can be found in Trac and are associated with the 4.0 milestone.

They aren't supposed to be complete yet, but serve as a reminder to keep
track of the changes we need to properly document and that should get a
framework team review.

Just because I already implemented them and merged them to trunk,
doesn't mean they don't need to go through some review and discussion

If you are missing PLIP's for changes that have already happened, please
tell me and I'll try to add them. The actual content of the PLIP's isn't
ready for review yet. I only want to make sure we have PLIP's in place
for all changes that need them.

Once we have defined the review process for Plone 4 and the structure
and information to be included in PLIP's, I can flesh them out more, to
cover all the required topics.


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