[Framework-Team] Hanno Schlichting Plone 4 release manager

Erik Rose psucorp at grinchcentral.com
Fri Dec 19 19:49:09 UTC 2008

The Plone 4.0 framework team is pleased to announce our recommendation  
of Hanno Schlichting as the 4.x release manager. Hanno is a Plone  
Foundation member and a prolific committer across diverse parts of the  
Plone codebase (http://www.ohloh.net/accounts/hannosch). We're  
confident that his perspective and dedication will drive the next  
generation of Plone to excellence.

We want to apologize that our deliberations took place largely off the  
framework-team list; Hanno was suggested immediately, and enthusiastic  
consensus was reached before the new framework team got fully moved  
in. All our future business will of course occur on the list, and  
we'll summarize here the earlier discussion for the sake of  
transparency and documentation:

* Hanno's name was floated, and much agreement ensued.

* Hanno voiced a desire to be more transparent in the process of  
nominating the release manager and suggested we seek other  
candidates.  Many on the framework team agreed, and Lawrence suggested  
we finalize the formal process before going to the list.

* Others then suggested that more process is not necessarily better  
and that it wouldn't be fair to other candidates to go through the  
motions of a formal process if we already had an "aha" in Hanno. A  
consensus ultimately formed around this position.

So congratulations to Hanno Schlichting on his nomination; we look  
forward to working with him on the next major release of Plone!

—The Plone 4 Framework Team

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