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Raphael Ritz raphael.ritz at incf.org
Fri Dec 19 15:34:17 UTC 2008

Chris McDonough wrote:
> Hi folks,

Hi Chris,

thanks a lot for this detailed and helpful summary.

At least I do appreciate you sending this here ;-)

And yes, I noticed Hanno moved Plone trunk over to this
so I consider this very relevant and timely.

There is only one further question I would have and that
regards the level of maturity of the individual components
from your POV. From what I know you are using most of
this (or all?) in production yourself, do you?

Thanks again,


> I was encouraged to write down the main differences between the "stock" Zope2
> publisher and the publisher that is inside repoze.zope2 (which is in use by the
> current Plone trunk).
> - Conflict error retry management is moved out into WSGI middleware
>   (repoze.retry).
> - Trace (-M) logging is moved out into WSGI middleware (see repoze.debug).
> - Access (apache-style) logging is moved out into WSGI middleware (see Paste's
>   translogger).
> - Transaction management is moved out into WSGI middleware (see repoze.tm).
> - Top-level exception handling is moved out into WSGI middleware (cgitb
>   or evalerror)
> - Logging exceptions to the console is now performed by middleware
>   (repoze.errorlog).
> - An alternate spelling for virtual hosting is supported (no
>   VirtualHostMonster needed).  See http://plope.com/Members/chrism/vhm_victory.
>   Note that traditional virtual hosting still works, however, as well.
> - You can return any iterable to the publisher (such as a file), and it will
>   be treated as the response.
> Some fallout from these differences:
> Some "advanced" stuff is configurable via the paste.ini file, such as the
> publisher output encoding ("encoding"), the Zope root object name ("appname"),
> and whether or not we try to do a redirect for a browser default
> ("browser_default_redirects").  These are set to the least surprising options by
> default.
> "standard_error_message" will not work because the publisher no longer acts as
> the top-level error handler.  A "pretty" exception handler will need to be
> plugged in as WSGI middleware.
> The "error_log" object will not work.  Use zope.errorlog instead (visit
> /__error_log__ in the browser).
> No testing has been done with "IStreamIterator" objects.  These may or may not
> work.  If they don't work, it's trivial to make them work.
> The most recent version of repoze.zope2 is 1.0 available from
> http://dist.repoze.org/zope2/latest/.  The subversion repository is
> http://svn.repoze.org/repoze.zope2/trunk/ .
> I'll be happy to help with any porting problems / questions.
> - C
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