[Framework-Team] Re: [Plone-developers] Re: Plone 4 Framework Team Selection List

Ross Patterson me at rpatterson.net
Thu Dec 18 15:32:43 UTC 2008

Tom Lazar <lists at tomster.org> writes:

> On 18.12.2008, at 11:48, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>> On 12/18/08 11:43 AM, Tom Lazar wrote:
>>>> and therefore should be reflected in the membership of the
>>>> group which makes decisions based on those factors.
>>> i think that conclusion is the only part where we disagree. can we
>>> agree at least on that? ;-)
>> Not without a way to guarantee that user interface will be a full
>> part of the process, which incudes the guarantee that everything
>> will go through a proper user interface review done by people with
>> the right skillset, and can be rejected even if just the user
>> interface is not up to par.
> but perhaps we could make the 'UI impact component' a formal part of
> the evaluation of a PLIP, i.e. add it as a formal part of the
> structure of a PLIP (in addition to the current ones such as
> Deliverables, Participants etc.)
> that way the issue could never be missed (i imagine that many UI flaws
> come into existence because technical people didn't realize there
> *was* a UI perspective to the given issue). Also, it would make it
> easy to get an overview of the UI impact of all of the submitted PLIPs
> by simply focussing on those parts of the PLIPs.
> anybody care to add their $0.02?

It seems clear that everyone agrees that UI concerns need to be included
in the review process.  There doesn't seem to be agreement on retracting
the FWT selection.  For my money, I think any sort of retraction or
re-openning of the process would be a mistake.

I also think that simply saying "Don't worry, we'll consider UI" could
be inadequate to ensure UI is considered sufficiently.  It is most
certainly inadequate to redress the concerns of those who raise the
complaint and agree with it.

So I think it makes a lot of sense to find an alternate way to formalize
the inclusion of UI concerns into the review process.  As such I'm +1 on
formalizing the 'UI impact component' part of the PLIP process.  More
specifically I think we should require that every PLIP have a UI expert
weigh in on the estimation of UI considerations and if a PLIP has UI
considerations then we should require that a UI expert fully reviews
those UI impacts.


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