[Plone-developers] [Framework-Team] Re: Plone 4 Framework Team Selection List

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Thu Dec 18 10:34:59 UTC 2008

Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Wichert,
> I can assure you that UI expertise was a factor in the discussion, as
> was the need for a balanced team. The selection decision that was made
> was unanimous, and followed healthy, constructive debate.

Which makes me all the more baffled that UI expertise is completely
missing from the resulting team.

> I don't think it's appropriate to "strongly suggest that this decision
> is reconsidered". This undermines the selection process and cannot be
> addressed without either opening the archives for the discussion, or
> starting down a slippery slope of discussing individuals in way that
> could quickly become destructive. It also undermines the current team
> before they have had a chance to prove themselves.

I see no reason not to voice an opinion I have, especially considering
the importance of the matter at stake. You are free to ignore it of

> The selection committee was granted a private mailing list precisely
> so that they would be able to have a factual debate. I really do not
> want anyone who was part of that debate to feel the need to justify
> the decision on any one individual.

>From what I understood the reason for the private list was to allow you
to discuss individuals without having to worry about being overly
political or hurting anyones feelings. That is perfectly reasonably and
I have no objection to that at all. I do have a problem with what I
consider to be a step back in our process. We started on a path to do be
much better about the Plone release process: the first step was adding
UI experience to the team, and the next step was going to be to better
about making documentation a part of the process. From my perspective it
looks like that whole plan is now gone and the focus is entirely on
technology again.

Collecting external input and outside reviews is a nice idea, but things
like user interface and documentation should be a full part of the
process, and therefore should be reflected in the membership of the
group which makes decisions based on those factors.


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