[Framework-Team] Re: [Plone-developers] Plone 4 Framework Team Selection List

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu Dec 18 10:22:38 UTC 2008


I can assure you that UI expertise was a factor in the discussion, as
was the need for a balanced team. The selection decision that was made
was unanimous, and followed healthy, constructive debate.

I don't think it's appropriate to "strongly suggest that this decision
is reconsidered". This undermines the selection process and cannot be
addressed without either opening the archives for the discussion, or
starting down a slippery slope of discussing individuals in way that
could quickly become destructive. It also undermines the current team
before they have had a chance to prove themselves.

The selection committee was granted a private mailing list precisely
so that they would be able to have a factual debate. I really do not
want anyone who was part of that debate to feel the need to justify
the decision on any one individual.

That said, I sincerely hope that Danny, Alex, Geir and many others
will weigh on UI concerns. I know Hanno (presuming he is the release
manager) has concrete plans for getting more UI feedback from a wider
group, earlier in the process.

In particular, one of the things we'd discussed and would like to see
more of, is a consultative approach where the framework team reviewer
asks for review from people outside the team. Anyone who is motivated
to contribute opinions will be heartily encouraged to do so, and it
will be within the framework team's remit to actively solict those


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