[Framework-Team] Re: Re: Framework Team Page Needs Updating

Andreas Zeidler az at zitc.de
Thu Aug 21 20:27:34 UTC 2008

On Aug 21, 2008, at 2:31 AM, Alexander Limi wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Aug 2008 15:12:53 -0700, Andreas Zeidler <az at zitc.de>  
> wrote:
>> hmm, i guess i must have somehow missed the discussion that lead to
>> that consensus (this is not meant to sound cynical or anything, btw).
>> there was some talk right after 3.1, and of course there were plans  
>> to
>> write things down in order to improve the process for the future.  i
>> might very well have missed parts of any more recent discussion, but
>> as a member of the (currently still active) 3.1 team, i'm wondering
>> why i don't really seem to know about this consensus.  or was it just
>> an "effective" one, i.e. one that sort of came up because the
>> discussion was never really finished?
> That's what "consensus" means, at least in casual English.

hmm, i guess the meaning that had been stuck in my head is slightly  
different, but well... :)

> To be more precise, there wasn't a "we will do it this way, period"  
> decision, but most people seemed to think it was a good idea, and I  
> didn't see anyone express strong opinions otherwise.

i did express some concerns, albeit not strong and not on the list (or  
otherwise "online") either.  anyway, i think we should at least ask  
the current members if they're up for it, no?  i for one would happily  
help reviewing PLIPs again, but i won't be spokesperson again nor do  
any of the other housekeeping, like poking people, writing summaries  
and status updates etc.  that work caused quite a bit of stress and  
irritation, simply since it took a significant amount of extra time.   
i still think we should have an extra team member for this, i.e.  
organizing the team and the reviews and making sure things happen in  
time, at least more or less...



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