[Framework-Team] Re: Re: Framework Team Page Needs Updating

Raphael Ritz raphael.ritz at incf.org
Thu Aug 21 08:17:49 UTC 2008

Alexander Limi wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Aug 2008 15:12:53 -0700, Andreas Zeidler <az at zitc.de> wrote:
>> hmm, i guess i must have somehow missed the discussion that lead to
>> that consensus (this is not meant to sound cynical or anything, btw).
>> there was some talk right after 3.1, and of course there were plans to
>> write things down in order to improve the process for the future.  i
>> might very well have missed parts of any more recent discussion, but
>> as a member of the (currently still active) 3.1 team, i'm wondering
>> why i don't really seem to know about this consensus.  or was it just
>> an "effective" one, i.e. one that sort of came up because the
>> discussion was never really finished?
> That's what "consensus" means, at least in casual English. To be more 
> precise, there wasn't a "we will do it this way, period" decision, but 
> most people seemed to think it was a good idea, and I didn't see 
> anyone express strong opinions otherwise.
Without browsing the archives I vaguely recall that
nobody from the current teak objected to continue
for Plone 3.2 - and as that now turned out to be a
re-packaging release mainly that's very reasonable
IMHO but regarding Plone 3.3 we should briefly
discuss that at least.

Considering the fact that Plone 3.x is mostly in
"maintenance mode" (if I may say so) I would be
willing to continue for that.

For Plone 4 (where the "real changes" are going to
happen now) we need a new team.
For this team I won't be available myself but I'm
confident that we'll manage to collect a tough crowd. ;-)


PS: the previous teams were:

For Plone 3.0:

Wichert Akkerman
Martin Aspeli
Rocky Burt
Raphael Ritz
Hanno Schlichting
Vincenzo Di Somma
Helge Tesdal

For Plone 2.5:
I don't know exactly who was on that team
but most probably 5 out of

David "Whit" Morris
Alan Runyan
Alec Mitchell
Sidnei da Silva
Michel Pelletier
Rob Miller
Stefan Holek

Prior to that we didn't have a framework team.

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