[Framework-Team] Re: Framework Team Page Needs Updating

Andreas Zeidler az at zitc.de
Wed Aug 20 22:12:53 UTC 2008

On Aug 19, 2008, at 7:06 PM, Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> Alexander Limi wrote:
>> Are there only 5 members? I thought there were more. If not, ignore  
>> me. :)

*ignore* :)

> They have been lots of members who served on former teams, though.

imho there should be pages telling about the previous teams.

>> I think the general consensus is to keep the 3.0 team for Plone 3.3  
>> (for

to be nit-picky:  the 3.0 team is different from the 3.1 team, except  
for raphael. :)

>> continuity), and elect a new FWT for 4.0 — and some overlap would be
>> good, to make sure the lessons learned from the 3.x releases will be
>> carried over.
> I think the consensus has indeed been to keep the same team for the  
> 3.x
> releases, unless someone wants to step down for any reason.

hmm, i guess i must have somehow missed the discussion that lead to  
that consensus (this is not meant to sound cynical or anything, btw).   
there was some talk right after 3.1, and of course there were plans to  
write things down in order to improve the process for the future.  i  
might very well have missed parts of any more recent discussion, but  
as a member of the (currently still active) 3.1 team, i'm wondering  
why i don't really seem to know about this consensus.  or was it just  
an "effective" one, i.e. one that sort of came up because the  
discussion was never really finished?

please don't get me wrong, but i'm not aware of any conclusions or  
decisions the current team — or the community for that matter — has  
made  about staying the same or not, making changes to the process,  
having external reviewers and/or some sort of a project lead who is  
responsible for communication and timely reviews and probably many  
more ideas that were brought up...  i'd like to have some, or let's  
rather say most of these questions discussed and settled before the  
3.3 framework team starts working.

> For 4.0 we do indeed need a new team. I for one would be happy to  
> serve
> on that team again :)




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