[Framework-Team] Re: Resource Registries improvements PLIP

Malthe Borch mborch at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 11:52:13 UTC 2008

Sidnei da Silva wrote:
> - Why doesn't the CSS and JS registries allow for specifying
>   alternative hostnames for the CSS and JS resources?
> So for example, one configures a few hostnames on CSS and JS
> registries:
>  - r1, r2, r3, r4

I've had chats with both Hanno and Balazs on the general topic of 
serving resources and it seems there's a concensus on trying to move a 
lot of this out to a WSGI filter.

Plone should probably only name the resources that the browser needs to 
render the HTML document and leave it to WSGI middleware to optimize 
that, e.g.

* Rebase to other hostnames
* Concatenate
* File-size reduction


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