[Framework-Team] Resource Registries improvements PLIP

Michael Dunlap dunlapm at u.washington.edu
Mon Aug 11 18:34:25 UTC 2008

Right. I do mention that in the PLIP. I had considered an option to allow
that cleverness through an option to follow the SSL-ness of the current
request, always be SSL, or never be SSL on a given resource. The major
counter point to this is Google Analytics which has two different domains
for its ssl source: https://ssl.google-analytics.com and
http://www.google-analytics.com. Why they did it that way, I don't know, but
we have to be able to accommodate that sort of scenario.

On 8/11/08 11:20 AM, "Tom Lazar" <lists at tomster.org> wrote:

> +1 from me, too.
> i'm wondering though, if there could be a more elegant solution to the
> SSL issue. i.e rather than requiring two registry entries with their
> own https-conditions, why not make that decision at render time i.e.
> in the template? (i.e. Products/ResourceRegistries/www/
> jscomposition.zpt if i'm not mistaken)
> although, i could imagine, that that could be a case of 'trying to be
> too clever'. i.e. what if the external resource simply has no https
> hosting?
> any thoughts on that?
> cheers,
> tom
> On 05.08.2008, at 00:51, Michael Dunlap wrote:
>> Hello framework-team!
>>   I have a PLIP ( http://plone.org/products/plone/roadmap/232)  that
>> details two potential changes to Resource Registries that would
>> allow for 1) Conditional Comments for CSS Resources, and 2) support
>> for external resources (http://example.com/myresource.js ) for
>> example. I submit it for your consideration.
>> -Michael Dunlap
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