[Framework-Team] How to make bugfixes and get them into the release?

Christian Scholz cs at comlounge.net
Thu Apr 17 16:44:50 UTC 2008


I am just fixing two bugs in the RSS portlet (plone.app.portlets) and I 
am wondering about how all this works with getting it into the release etc.

So here are the questions:

- to branch a 3.1 branch or not? These fixes are just small fixes and 
also relevant for 3.0.x (should it happen). How is this handled in 
general? (for new features I will of course create a branch with the 

- how to make a new version? I guess this simply means updating the 
version information in the egg metadata? How is deployment handled? Who 
is e.g. uploading it to pypi?

So I thought I better ask before I screw things up :-)



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