[Framework-Team] Revised 3.1 timeline

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Sat Nov 24 18:35:27 UTC 2007

Based on everyones feedback (much appreciated!) I have updated my timeline.
It now looks like this:

- 2007-12-14 : PLIPs for all features have to be finished and submitted
- 2007-12-21 : framework team gives verdict on PLIPs only, not an implementation
- 2008-01-19 : review bundles have to be submitted to the framework team
- 2008-02-02 : framework team completes reviews
- 2008-02-08 : 3.1 prerelease tagged
- 2008-02-11 : 3.1 prerelease with installers released
- 2008-02-15 : 3.1 release candidate tagged
- 2008-02-18: 3.1 release candidate with installers released
- 2008-02-29 : 3.1 final tagged
- 2008-03-02 : 3.1 final with installers released

this adds the initial PLIP-review where the framework team can quickly weed out
proposals that are undesirable for 3.1 and gives people more time to finish

This is still an ambitious schedule: there is only a three week period
between the first prerelease and the final release. This means that the
review will be very important. I am hoping that the two week review
period provides enough time for developers to respond to an initial
review and make suggested changes before the final review deadline.

However with set goals of making 3.1 a simple, risk-free release with
only trivial migrations this timeline should be attainable.

Unless there are major objections I am going to make this official


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