[Framework-Team] proposed plone 3.1 timeframe

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Wed Nov 21 21:51:54 UTC 2007

Now that we have a new framework team it is time to start planning the
3.1 release. 3.1 is intended to be a low-risk upgrade which can follow
the 3.0 release quickly. The release cycle has to be short so we can
get things out to people. Here is my proposal:

- all proposed updates for have to be submitted by christmas
- framework team finishes reviewing by january 9
- accepted changes are merged in the days after that
- first pre-release for 3.1 happens on january 15
- final release for 3.1 happens first half of february

In order to make reviewing simple all updates have to be submitted in
the form of a working buildout. And to keep the 3.1 process smooth they
have to include all migrations, finished user interfaces and
documentation. We will not do any polishing after merging - that has to
be done beforehand.

Judging by the current activity I expect there to be only 2 or 3
proposals in a mergeable state. That is not much, so you should be able
to enjoy some christmas vacation as well :)


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