[Framework-Team] Re: Moving Collection settings to ZMI

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Wed May 16 19:33:50 UTC 2007

Alexander Limi wrote:
> Moving the Collection (nee Smart Folder) control panel into the ZMI is an  
> easy operation, makes sense (as it's equivalent to the portal_types UI,  
> just used less), and removes the last control panel that isn't immediately  
> understandable from the Plone side.
> If you need to change the name of an index representation, that's not a  
> common enough task for me to defend it from being in the main control  
> panel. It's something that you're likely to change once (if ever), and  
> then never touch it again. Sounds like a "secondary settings" panel to me.

I *really* don't want to get into a food fight on this list, so let's 
trim appropriately and get back to the issue at hand.

I would agree that the current Collections control panel sticks out like 
a sore thumb and induces a large amount of "huh" in the users I've 
observed trying to use it, in light of the other control panels we now 
have in Plone 3 (which really is a whole other ball-game than what we 
have in 2.x).

I don't think we'll radically improve this in time for 3.0. I don't 
think we'll radically improve it ever, because fundamentally the 
abstractions it affords are very low level. Ultimately, it requires a 
pretty deep understanding of catalogs and indexes and criteria to make 
any sense to anyone. We wouldn't put the portal_catalog UI in the Plone 
control panel either.

So, +1 for making this a link from somewhere in the ZMI. atct_tool maybe?

It's a stop-gap measure, maybe we need a more clearly defined "advanced" 
options that's more in-Plone. But whatever, we don't need to solve that 
right now and the ZMI largely (possibly badly) serves that function 
already. I kind of doubt many people are using this control panel right 
now anyway, or that it will be missed by those not happy to go into the 
ZMI. If it has more general bits I'm not remembering, we should move 
those to a more friendly control panel. The nice things about 
plone.app.controlpanel is that this is so simple now. :)

We'd need to make sure wiggy was happy with such a change at this point, 


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